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Gay pets?

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I don't know if my pitweiler is gay or not, but she absolutely hates male dogs. Other females are a-ok (which might explain why my cat hasn't been eaten by her yet, despite the cat taunting her like Foghorn Leghorn did to the hound in the cartoons). A few months back, I had brought in a stray that someone had dumped at a friend's house, but they couldn't keep it. I erroneously figured the dog would settle in. I mean, the dog would be living every male human's fantasy, two girls and him. Baby had other plans and ran him off in the blink of an eye. Then again, she also does that whenever any male strays into her yard.


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I know it's dominance, but I still like to laugh about it.

My dog lets other dogs hump him all the time. He's huge, so sometimes he has to lay down to let them go at it. Girl dogs, boy dogs, he doesn't care.

He also gets this really strange big smile on his face when another dog is humping him.
But he that dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.
- Anne Bronte, "The Narrow Way"


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Alas, not in my house. Owen is a beautiful, long-haired domestic cat who looks femme. I had hoped he might be gay as a kitten -- until I looked up from my book and saw him attempting to mount my other (thankfully spayed) cat Lucinda. He went to the vet the next day and now I guess you could say he is transgender. :D

Lucinda has a thing for men, especially soft-spoken ones with guitars to seranade her. She also likes men because they usually are not vet techs and because they are more willing to wave the wand toy for her.



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My retired racing greyhound, Yoda, is most definitely straight--I found this out when I took him to play with a friend's German mountain shepherd, who is gay (or maybe bi, I've never been around him with a female dog). Max tried to mount Yoda repeatedly, but Yoda was having none of it.

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