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ok, i'll be the first to admit, socal is lacking althogether but there are a few places, dependent upon what you're looking for. unfortunately, for women of color, there aren't many weekly choices. here goes!

1) be out and about has once a month parties at various venues. predominantly women of color, but everyone is welcome!

2) trish & rara have club sexy @ 7969 in weho(on santa monica) every saturday...

3) michelle's xxx currently @ forbidden city every tuesday night
4) there's always the catch(on pico)...(not one of my faves)
5) girlbar on friday nights in weho.
6) cabrini has events throughout the month(on 3rd/la brea and various locations). more subtle(jazz nights, poetry, etc) than nightclubby, but there are occasions when the get down is on.
7) here on thursdays - gets very busy past 11. a vast mixture of cultures .

8) the abbey - at any particular time. mostly boys, but girls are always in the mix and welcome. and they make great martinis!
9) the executive suite(long beach) has a regular thursday night deal
10) ripples(long beach) has a great drag show i stumbled upon - "dreamgirls"every thursday @ 930- very entertaining, dancing
11) the boom boom room(laguna) on wednesdays or thursdays?? drag + dancing...
the palms(weho) has something going on every night. i bleieve wednesday is $1 drink night...

any additions??

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hey moneypenny,

I'm new to LA, and am hoping you can help me out with some of your suggestions:

1. what is be out and about, and where do I get more ifo about this event?

6. same question about cabrini

7. where is here on thursdays?

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The Eagle in Silverlake also hosts "Shotgun" every Wednesday which is quite fun. ;)

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Useful info. Thanks :)


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Because of the font color, a lil hard to read. But there is a place called "hamburger Mary's" there's one in long beach and I believe Hollywood. I've been to the one in long beach.. but it seems like every one there Is young. It's also a lil raunchy. LOL unless youre into ranch.

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