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bf says its okay, but is it?

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I'm dating someone long-distance for a few months and he knows that I'm bisexual. So, he suggested I have fun and experiment while we're apart. Of course, I think he would like to see videos or at least let me tell him about the "events." I would love to be involved with a woman, right now. I really crave the attention. But, I'm also afraid what that might do to my relationship with my boyfriend. We've talked about marriage and everything. But, he really seems okay with me exploring! Is this some guy's sick fantasy for lesbian action.. or what? He's been really supportive of me finding someone, but at the same time it worries me...

Any suggestions? tips? stories?


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Coming from a person who believes in monogamy I'll be the first to scream Hell No It's Wrong, but I'm not you and I'm not in your situation. If you're having second thoughts about it or think this is some way for him to rope you into his lesbian fantasy then hold off until you're comfortable with all the possible outcomes. There is a lot to think about (if you haven't already discussed them) like if you get to have a girlfriend outside the relationship does that mean he can have one as well? Will your girlfriend be shared with him or is she yours exclusively? What if she has a mate she'd like to share you with, is that something you and your boyfriend will be comfortable with? Just some things to consider, but I'm sure you'll make the right decision no matter what.
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