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Any nice places to meet fun women in ATL?

May I ask, who is from Atlanta, GA?

If you are, then were do you hang out? LoL 

I am so alone. No one to hang out with in general and no one special. I need some help here people! Rally the troopers and come-a-runnin'.

Seriously, were are you fun people? Where do you hide?


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... but I'll hang out with you.

I actually live in AUgusta, but am more than willing to meet people out of my area (that's actually my preference)

I feel like the life is being slowly sucked out of me being in the closet here, so, yes I most definitely want to make some friends who I can be me with.

So, yeah, take this reply as you will 

Plus, if you have any recommendations of places to go in ATL to meet people I'd be obliged.

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I recently moved here from Savannah, and I don't know where to go to hang out with women in the ATL. Please somebody tell me of a gay bar/club in the area that's hoppin. For pics and info. on me visit

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Here's what I've found in the ATL area so far. Some of these are not gay/lesbian only clubs but are definitely gay/lesbian friendly. Some I've been to, some I've just heard about. Hope to see some of you out sometime. Enjoy! 

Jungle-2115 Faulkner Rd (Cross Street: Cheshire Bridge Road)

(404) 844-8800 --I've been here and this club is HOT! They have theme nights and fetish parties and great DJ's.

My Sister's Room-222 E Howard Ave Decatur, GA 30030-3402

404-370-1990 --I haven't been here yet but anytime the subject comes up among friends, this is one of the first clubs mentioned. I hope to check it out soon.

Eye Candy-4470 Commerce Dr Atlanta, GA 30336 (404) 472-0114

This club opens on November 29th. I hope to check this one out in the near future.

These are just the few that I've heard about or gone to.

For more gay/lesbian club listings visit and go under the bar/club tab the select gay/lesbian from the narrow your search listings.

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