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Yes I'll agree lookin' for love in the BAR scene Sucks!!!

Why don't you try volunteering at some gay oriented churches, civic groups, asking friends if they know of someone; running an ad - it's safer to screen the answers than to be a respondee...... (my humble opinion), troll the parks and supermarkets - if you're bold and they don't run like hell in your community. I've met some wimmin in restaurants freq. by gays & lesbians too. And then there's libraries..... LOL. :wink:

I'm "down the middle" age-wise here at 48; but I'm up to advise if that's what you really want. PM or email me anytime. :idea:

:oops: Heh, heh, this was supposed to be a reply to the "Here we are,Errr, here I are, anyone else here yet?...." post and not a topic of it's very own. Oh well. The other one was quite dated anyway.

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