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The lack of common sense just boggles the mind.

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I am always amazed at the lack of common sense that infects society, from president Bush all the way down the ladder. People tend to state the obvious or can't seem to see past their noses, living in their little bubbles and not wanting to know the reality of the world. They base their knowledge on their own arrogance and ignorance and continually subject others with their stupidity over and over again. For some reason, as I get older, I find that my tolerance for stupidity is very thin. I know people make mistakes and thats a given, nothing wrong with that, thats how people learn to grow and evolve but there is a difference between honest mistakes and stupidity.


Better to be thought a fool and remain silent, then to speak and remove all doubt.


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But he that dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.
- Anne Bronte, "The Narrow Way"


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the tragic loss of common sense is possibly the most frightening atrophy currently taking place in the world today.


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Those who do not learn from their mistakes, become politicians. :wink:
"All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand." Dorothy Parker (1893 - 1967), Not So Deep as a Well (1937)


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wow, that makes me feel like i should be actively seeking election to some office quite often


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The biggest problem is that we educate to the lowest common denominator. :lol: This means that the entire educational standard has made a swing donward to accomodate the basically uneducated masses, instead of maintaining high standards and requiring students to strive for excellence. "Advanced" classes in most American high schools today are of a lower calibre than "average" classes were when I was in school. Is it surprising to anyone that jobs requiring a high school diploma in the 1970"s now require a college degree. :wink: Yes, we are training up a first class bunch of morons!


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Yeah, it pisses me off too. The thing is, every parent wants their child to be "above average," so they raise hell about it, and the Powers That Be lower standards so that the average becomes "above average." Also, in order to keep their students' grades up, teachers dumb everything down, so their students just have to regurgitate facts, they don't have to think for themselves, and those who have minds that are too active to benefit from that kind of "learning" are considered ADD and are given medicine to slow them down. No wonder common sense and thinking are so rare in our society.


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I don't see it as necessarily a problem of dumbing things down for the masses. I think it lies in a lot of the policy and resource problems we see in today's educational systems, particularly in the public educational system. We have students going to high school without the ability to read a book. We have schools where police officers have to be stationed inside the school during operating hours and children have to walk through metal detectors to get to football games and to class. There are many reasons why the system is that way. First of all, we don't have enough qualified teachers. For example, I took Spanish classes in high school (less than 10 years ago) from a woman who majored in History when she got her degree and teaching license. Teachers are not paid enough for droves of new college students and graduates to pursue public school education as a career. The lack of teachers' assistants in my area is part of the reason teachers aren't able to spend the time they need with children who aren't performing well in the classroom. Secondly we have so much legislation now that requires standardizing testing. Teachers aren't able to teach the subjects they need to, but are required to "teach to test", meaning their jobs are reliant upon their ability to pass their students on end-of-grade testing, not on students' actual learning. The no-child-left-behind legislation among other things might have great goals on paper, but without the teachers, funds, and resources to meet these goals, it really is more of a hinderance than a help. I could go on and on, but I don't think it's sufficient to describe the problem by saying that teacher's are dumbing things down. They are forced to teach to the status quo, and anyone that falls above OR below that range really, really suffers. It's quite sad.


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Last month, there was an incident at the place I manage and the police were called. Long story short: drugs+booze+idiots=trouble. The kicker of the whole ordeal was that one of the people could not comprehend why her bf was being arrested. The officer actually explained it as follows: "it is against the law to try and insert the pointy end of a knife into someone else." Where is the chlorine for the gene pool when it is needed most?

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