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Poll: what type is more sexy butch or femme (28 member(s) have cast votes)

what type is more sexy butch or femme

  1. butch (13 votes [46.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 46.43%

  2. femme (15 votes [53.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 53.57%

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whats ur opinon


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They are all so sexy in their own regard! I find myself constantly attracted to femmes (maybe cause there are more of them where I live?) but as far as relationships go, I usually veer toward the butch continum. I love them ALL!

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Femme is socially exceptible. Butch takes indiviuality and guts I find that very sexy.womyn who make a statment about how they are just by walking around looking people in the eye,daring them to say anything about the obviuos differences. I love butch women and how they need to be.It is so hot. :twisted:


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You girls sure know how to make a butch feel sexy...


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pleasuring Butch girls is my gift .I would like to be butch myself but I am made to be a femme alas maybe in my next life....so for now I admire as often as possible. You butch girls rock!!


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i dont wanna choose where is the both option :cry: ... i just love you all lol


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Butch women are sexier because they tend to be more confident. But femmes have their pluses too! 8)


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I just love a pretty, sexy, attractive in my eyes kinda woman! Your "label" is convenient but unnecessary to me.

Aggressive Femme in Training (lol) :wink:


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awwhh, i cant vote anymore. :[

but my answer would definietly be BUTCH.
cuz, whoa.
uhm.. yyyessss. <33


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well since im more of a butch i like girly girls more
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