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Poll: what type is more sexy butch or femme (28 member(s) have cast votes)

what type is more sexy butch or femme

  1. butch (13 votes [46.43%])

    Percentage of vote: 46.43%

  2. femme (15 votes [53.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 53.57%

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View Postsexonlegs, on 27 August 2008 - 08:30 AM, said:

awwhh, i cant vote anymore. :[

but my answer would definietly be BUTCH.
cuz, whoa.
uhm.. yyyessss. <33

You are very hot!!


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I like a woman that can take charge... ;0) What can I say?
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I'm old school, into the butch/femme labels. Since I'm fem...BUTCHES are HOT! :)


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I am considered sporty/hippie foo....and of course I am attracted to the more soft/sporty/artsy butch......but I think all women are beautiful...
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I would not agree with someone who said that being butch is being an individual. So us femme leaning ladies are just sheep and have no backbone or are not unique. I dress how I do because I feel comfortable with it. I like the makeup, the heels, the nails, the dresses, and sometimes an excessive amount of pink. I also tend to like more feminine women. It's just my thing...

That is a big issue with some people in the community. Some honestly feel that if you look like our heteronormative counterparts that you really don't like trim. Maybe you're experimenting or whatever. I know I'm not. I like how I dress and if you think that wearing a dress and heels is being a loser of some kind then you have a serious problem.

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I will have to say I am more attracted to a butch female. When I see them or when they talk to me I get jumbled and forget what I was saying lol.

I love their sense of style and bravery, its something sexy for a person to go against the grain of society


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Not that butchers aren't hot how ever for me femmes for sure are sexier and hotter. It's everything about them and I guess I just like them more girly how ever not saying its strictly femmes

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