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I really dont know where to meet girls my age

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It's been suggested that I go to the mall but I really have no idea where to meet girls in my age group (between 17 and 23). Anyone care to give me ideas?


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I am no expert by any means, but you could probably look into your local high school or college's GLBT programs. They have socials and meetings and other things like that. If there are no programs like that around you, then I guess all you can do is do the things everyone else does, go to the mall, the movies, any other local hangout there is. And of course, there is always the online world. There are some great people online, but it definitely doesn't make up for having RL people you can hang out with.
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I have the same problem. Where do queer women hang out?? I find that most of the Queer clubs/pubs are just filled men or have been taken over by goths (seriously).

I imagine it will be a bit easier when i start university next year though, as i can join the Womens' Guild. If you're going to uni/college, maybe you should investigate some of the Guilds and organisations.
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