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Is there a space for Event Promotion?

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I think it would be of great service to have such a space as many of us would be interested to know of events that are happening in our respective areas.

In fact, I have an event I'd like to promote right now! Please advise asap!
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Hey Vonnie!

Sounds like a great idea. I don't know how long it will take the wonderful mistress of Lesbotronic to reply to your suggestion but in the meantime how about you post the event in the Best Places for Lesbians section under your state. I'm dying to know what this event is as I am from Philadelphia and right now my choices are Sisters, Key West, and some once a month girl parties which all three have proven to be horrible :x So whatever event you know about I'm sure it'll be better than the three places I just mentioned :roll:
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Thanks for responding. I will do just that! I will have more events throughout the year, but not all of my posts will be event related. I do intend to interact...this is an interesting forum... :)
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Hmm . . . sounds like a good idea, but wondering where to put it . . . if we created a new category (Event Promotion) I don't think many would click if they didn't already know where the events were going to be located. I actually think the local/Best Places for Lesbians board is probably the best place anyway, as Lise suggested. :)

Unless someone else has another great idea they'd care to share, we'll go with that. :D

If we get enough Best Places for Lesbians posts we may eventually segregate by state, but thus far it doesn't seem totally necessary. Thus far. There will probably come a day . . . Thanks!

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