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transition and orientation

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Funny enough, I seem to be having an experience somewhat the opposite of what a lot of you folks seem to be expressing. Previous to coming out as trans I identified as a stone andro dyke, but now, after starting on hormones etc, I'm beginning to wonder if I could potentially become involved with a man. I'm not sure. I've messed around with a few guys, but it's generally not been too interesting to me. I just can't really feel comfortable identifying myself as "straight" due to the massive deradicalizing and patriarchal notions of what that conceptually far too often means in our society (I'm really big into the egalitarian relationship structure and am a fairly radical feminist) and really strongly identify as queer even if I am a man who's primarily attracted to women. I wonder how much of my attraction to guys could be me having an issue with identifying as straight and how much of it is really there.

Drag queens get me going. Heh.


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In response to Geared2Riot,

From the FTMs that I have talked to, I think that your situation is pretty common. Many transguys were in the lesbian community for a long time for many reasons, sometimes just because they didn't know about "being trans" and figured the lesbian community was where they fit, and once coming to terms with the fact they are really just men explore their attractions and are freer to be open about it.

CComing out as trans is definitely a trip on the ole "attract-o-meter" I've really stopped trying to guess who I'm going to be attracted to day to day. And, I'm sure once I actually get to start hormones it'll change all over again.
But he that dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.
- Anne Bronte, "The Narrow Way"

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