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Why are m to f TGs more attractive to men than women???

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Im a full time transsexual woman and would love to date a genetic lesbian girl, if your interested my web is www.chrisie.net.

Chrisie x


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I'm sorry to say but I personally would not even consider a mtf in a sexual/relationship way unless they went through the FULL transition because, hey, I'm a lesbian so it's only natural that I like pussy and curves, breasts, soft skin, etc. Not dicks, hairy bodies, flat asses that mtf still have. Also, the transgenderd demeanor still comes across as fake and glamorized to feminine stereotypes like a drag queen. Simply a man dressed up and prancing around as a female stereotype.


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I think the main reason why males are drawn to mtf transsexuals is because it gives them a chance to play gay without really being gay. There's a lot more of a stigma for men to be gay than women.

Myself? I find myself drawn to people between the sexes, a transgendered female who doesn't intend to have the surgery. I'm more drawn to a feminine brain than a wholly feminine body.


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I am pansexual and gender fluid (more male acting but I do have a feminine side) so its really what's in the mind and soul I look at not the genitals. I would make a connection with some one that is male to female or female to male (surgery or not) and I would never require someone to go through something like that (it looks painful), unless they wanted to and I would support them and bring them tea. As long as a person isn't a macho idiot, I am cool. :)

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