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Finding North Carolina Ladies

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Hey uncsoftball2002, I'm still in Greensboro


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I'm the Winston-Salem part of the Triad. If anyone leaves nearby, feel free to contact me! I'd love to hang out!


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Where are the cool places to hang out in Charlotte?


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My Name is Ashley and I live in the area of Charlotte, originally from Greensboro and there's nothing spectacular around. Here in Charlotte I often go to Scorpios which is a gay club. Its look a little sketchy when you first pull in but on a good day they have some really good drag queens and play good music (Wed and Fri nights theres FREE BEER!!)

I am looking into more places to hang out that are strictly lesbian only but I'm having a little difficulty myself. If anyone knows of a good experience in Charlotte please let me know :)


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In the Charlotte area, you can go to Hardigan's which is 99% lesbians. There's also Scorpio's that has been open for 20+ years and it's a mixture of men and women.
So many bars/clubs have come and gone over the years. I really liked Night Owl's in Gastonia but they closed last year.

I see someone posted about meeting up in a specific area. Hopefully there are enough that would come out to the Charlotte area for like a "lunch+meet".

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