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Using the 'Net to come out

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My experience in coming out as a bisexual woman could not have happened, I expect, had the Internet not been in existence. Online, I've met SO many people I wouldn't have ordinarily met in North Carolina, heard their viewpoints (in this way, I also found out I was Domme, when I'd started out TOTALLY mystified by the dynamics of a D/s relationship between people of any sexual orientation), adjusted to them or not, took the information valuable to me and discarded the rest ... it truly IS a completely open forum. I'd like to know what other people's experiences have been with the Internet - either positive or negative - in assisting them with either coming out or just becoming more comfortable with who they are and who they dream of going to bed with .... - Thanks! Lara :D
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I guess for me, the Internet was a tool that helped me to see that I was so, so, so far from being the only person dealing with these issues of coming out and acceptance. I'm still relatively new at this internet forum and personals thing, but I'm at least aware now that there is a large presence of lesbian and queer women in North Carolina, and that alone has made it easier for me to come to terms with my own identity.

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