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Anyone here use MySpace.com?

I do, and have found some really cool ppl and made a few friends.

If you would like to add me, pls feel free to contact me... http://www.myspace.com/sondi69
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Myspace is so much fun..i get made fun of because grownups use livejournal instead but i like myspace better. it is easy to play with and you meet so many interesting people. my link is :
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MySpace is pretty fun, I must say. Check me out and I'll check you out ^_^

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Yeah, i like it too...



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I'm on there

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There as well - Don't have anything catchy for my url..



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MySpace is so addicting...I posted alot on my blog before I realized that I was spending waaaay too much time on there! :)

Here's mine....
just add "/restita" after the myspace url
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myspace is the shit.. excuse my french. haha

but it really is.

here you go: www.myspace.com/notyouravg1

send me a message, add me as a friend (i'll definitely accept), check out my friends.. whatever.

just please, click responsibly. :D hahaha

i'm on myspace. where are you..?


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Just got on there recently. myspace.com/monteenotaku


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I never really liked Livejournal or Xanga; I find MySpace easier to use and I agree, a lot of the people you meet are pretty cool.


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