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Any Pagans Out There?

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Hi Whitey,
I'm a sorcerer. Love to here from you! We have heaps in common.


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Hey sisters, Kim here....

I am yet another pagan living in Western Massachusetts. I am very eclectic. Mainly influenced by the Celtic/Northern European as per my ancestry, but I also bring in Native American, and Buddhist/Taoist. Truly i am open to many traditions that may be shared with the womyn am fortunate enough to share circles with. So I have been exposed to many mystical practices. all are earth and Goddess centred. I only create such with womyn, so I guess that makes me Dianic. As i have gotten older I move further and further away form nay "prescri9bed" ways of creating ritual or magic. As a young womon I identified as Wiccan, but that doesn't quite fit now either. I guess I'm a magical mutt! My circle of Radical dyke friends call me a "groovy mama" I think they are right! -Kim


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Wiccan in Houston, TX. Merry meet ladies.


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Would you mind speaking a bit about what the word Pagan means to you? I have found that words so often take on specific, personal meaning and clarity is so important for meaningful conversation. Pagan, for me, was always associated with NOT Christian. I have some close friends who are Wiccan and I appreciate their affinity with Goddesses. I have come out of a very stringent Christian religion (OUT of it and OUT for over 10 years now)and have found my way back to my true magical nature, which is vast and powerful and eclectic, ever evolving. I am disinclined to align myself with any kind of specific structure BECAUSE of the choking religious oppression I endured, suffered and survived. It would be nice, however, to mingle with other MAGICAL souls!

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