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Anybody watch wife swap?

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Did anybody watch wife swap last night? They traded crazy christian farm lady for jewish materialitic lady. What cracks me up about that show is that week after week they prove that nuclear families are a limiting atmosphere for kids and grown ups to be in but, they never address it. The participants just pick up a few pointers from each other and go back into there own nuclear family.


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I pretty much hate all reality shows, but I have seen bits and pieces of that one. I think the families (actually the parents) are pretty pathetic. Hello....take a parenting class people!!!! It seems like there's always at least one of the families where the kids run the show. Of course, I guess if there wasn't a huge problem in these families, there wouldn't be much interest in watching the show.
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Had to pipe in to this old topic - I actually saw that episode and it was pretty hilarious. :lol:

On a serious note, and not so offtopic anymore actually, anyone think about the fact that many of the parents on that show would probably be quite against the thought of a gay couple having/raising kids (like, many of them have been fairly super christian and such); and yet from where I stand the majority of gay people I know would probably make way better parents and have way more balanced kids. I think it's probably the same theory as with a woman who can't have children of her own - if you have to work a little to get a child, you are more likely to treasure the oppostunity of being a parent the way it should be. To me it seems that far too many straight couples nowadays just have kids because that's what everyone does, without any serious thought as to the responsibility that comes with having kids.

My next idea for a reality show is to compary the parenting skills of a straight and a gay couple... but I suppose if they were making that they'd pick out the most normal and picturesque families they could find, all 2 1/2 kids or whatever. :roll:
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