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Need advices

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Hi all,

Am very new to this. I'm 29, single and never been in a relationship. I live in a very Catholic and conservative country, and although I know in my heart that I am a Lesbian, I'm really having a hard time coping with it since I'm still in the closet and everytime I try to open up with a friend about it, they just end up telling me that I'm confused or it's just a phase I'm going thru. It's difficult enough bec I've struggled with it all by myself for the longest time and I can't take it anymore. I came to this site hoping to find some people who can give me the right advices and to make friends as well. Thanks for reading this. Have a pleasant day.

I remain,


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Fist let me start by saying hang in there.......I was born and raised Catholic. Your 29 years old sweetheart and if you don't take a chance to be who you really are then your not only going to drive yourself into a hole that is extremly hard to get out of any and all people that you care about that are around you are going to suffer as well....Since I don't know where you live or what you do for a living maybe it's time to consider a move....take yourself away from all the stress and start out new....You need to know that being yourself is only going to make you easier to love...people that are relaxed and happy are so great to be around, being happy is contagious.....and sooner or later the people that your afraid will reject you will see that too and it does work out in the end....I promise.


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I recommend you search for women's places and gay bookstores or gay or GLBT (QI) etc. web presences in your country. I understand that many countries have gay web sites even in places where gay people are persecuted to the extreme. I felt like the only woman who wanted to date women here in the USA for a long time until I finally found where the lesbians are. We are there, you just have to find us in any country or location. Keep looking and you will find us.

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