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...dating younger women?

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I have recently been chating online with a woman, from another site, and I think I want to meet her. She's like twenty years younger than me, but she's smart and funny and I like her so far. Anyone care to comment? Has anyone had any experience dating an older or younger woman?


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my last gf was 10 years younger than me...it was very interesting. she introduced me to things i would not have done, music i would not have listened to...i loved it! i would do it again in a heartbeat.
the only bad part for me was that she really had so much more energy than me...she really could stay out all night and i would get tired by 3 or 4 am. otherwise we were a great match and had a blast together....go for it!



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My partner and I are ten years apart...it can fun and a total learning experience, but it can also be really frustrating when you are in completely different life stages....I think like anything else it has its perks and its bullshit problems.

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