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Do you feel that you do not fit into the categories gay, straight or bi? Do you feel that pansexual/pomosexual/omnisexual/etc may be more appropriate or do you simply refuse to be labelled? I am researching this for my MA sociology dissertation and would love to speak to like minded people - via email or through replies to this post. I myself identify publicly as lesbian but will occassionally enjoy sleeping with men, although I find women more physically attractive.
Any help/ response would be greatly appreciated.
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hmm, no im definitely a lesbian. but my sister identifies herself as pansexual. its all rather confusing to me.. too many labels. but im interested in learning more about it.


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Oh goodness another term that I have to learn about! Hadn't come across this one - lost in heart of cider country as I am!
I don't know - I was married - had kids. Always knew I had a very open mind and attitude to others, be it race religion or sexual orientation. I find women sensual and I enjoy being with them, personally and intimately. But I also enjoy the company of men - just dont desire to sleep with one currently. I am open to the possibility that one day I may meet a man who ticks all my boxes but for me its the person thats important.
What does that make me? To me I am just me - an unique individual who takes people as they are - not as sexual objects.


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I never heard of this new label and no I would not like it I would refuse to have such a label


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I have seen pansexual and omnisexual before but only recently. I don’t know much about it but from what I have read on it so far some people relate that to bisexuality but there are theories so to speak to show that pan sexuality and bisexuality are not as related as some people think. I've never heard of pomosexual, its new to me. I really don’t like to label people or put people in categories, when seen from certain perspectives its like we (people) are some kind of test subjects needing to go into file cabinets, but personally I don’t really know what “label” I would fit under.

I’m still a “in the closet” person sort of, just my sister knows and she’s being very supportive about everything. I’ve never been in any kind of relationship before, but I am sexually attracted to women but not sexually attracted to men. There are certain things I find attractive about men, but sexually no, it’s kinda like a nice to look at from time to time but I don’t wanna touch kinda thing if that makes sense. As for women I find everything about them attractive, but the list could take forever to type out :). Where does that put me in the file cabinet? I’m not sure but being a label is not a top priority thing for me at the moment. My answer might not have helped getting a better understanding, but I thought I’d share what I have come across.


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"Pan sexuality" to me is the same thing as bisexuality. I beleive it is more of a way for someone to justify being bi, to scared to totaly take and place their foot on the other side of the line. A way of finding something more 'socialy acceptable'. Being 'bi' people associate and believe you'll jump anything with bones, so they come up with 'pan sexual' not understanding that being bi doesnt mean you are attracted to everybody - they dont understand that like a lesbian,gay, or straight indiviual you are attracted on a person by person basis.


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Pansexuality is far different from bisexuality, though they appear similiar. I consider myself a pansexual or omnisexual. Pansexuality is basically loving a person no matter their sexual identity or gender: male, female, transgender, etc.


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While I do agree that being pansexual is different than bisexual.. I think it's a silly line. In my personal opinion, if you're bisexual you may as well be pansexual.

Okay. Here's my point; If you're bisexual, you're attracted to things with vaginas as well as things with a penis.. If you're pansexual, you're attracted to anything with anything (namely, a penis or a vagina, unless there is some unknown-to-me genitalia out there). The difference being a pansexual doesn't care if the carpet matches the drapes (to put it politely). If you have a penis, but you dress/act/talk/live like a woman, a pansexual will still be attracted to you. A bisexual won't?
If you're attracted to women, and men. Then couldn't you in turn be attracted to a woman with man parts?

I think somewhere over the years we lost sight of what bisexual actually is. It's become more of a pick up line for girls to get boys (yeah, I'm generalizing, sue me) than an actual "it's not what you're working with, but who you really are".

[PS - I'm not saying there is no such thing as bisexual, or that anyone claiming to be bisexual is just a man eating slut. I'm saying that I personally believe a large part of the current generation is misinformed about bisexuality. And that a small part of that generation are actually man eating attention seeking sluts.)


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I for a while now, wasn't really sure what it is that I liked.....so recently I have come to terms with this word Pansexuality....I know IT in itself is a label, but what else could we (I) say about myself, I like...things....haha....I like to like things. People say, well if you can "like" a boy and a girl then doesn't that make you Bisexual....ughhh....yaa....but I don't like a man for being a man and I don't like a girl for being a girl rather I like them for their personalities, their non-human outer appearance. I have to say though that I would rather be in a relationship with a woman rather a man. I find that if I where to be with a man, it would almost be considered as a fetish. Something I would do, only to please myself....like some sort of treat. Its hard to explain. But I could fall in love with one...maybe. Without sex. Ya.....Im not too sure what I am....I think that if a third human Plant headed species came to earth.....I might one day find them attractive....it always depends....where will this confusing heart and mind take me, I shall never know.

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Rosalie and SnuggleParty, in my view, are correct. There are people who identify as bisexual who have no interest in anyone who is transgendered or intersexed or queer-identified or androgynous. Pansexual is a good term to apply to people who are open to all comers. So to speak . . . . :laughing:

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