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Well in my opinion, "labelling" is for cans. Like everything, Its not bad or good- it could be good and bad. We name everything from direct experience. Its natural. But its the fact that most people would either completely close or limit their knowledge about these things -either because of fear or out of plain arrogance- that upsets me. It makes life harder. Homophobia and the like. So unless I'm really reaaally "forced" or "required" to state where I stand with regards to my sexuality, I'd choose "pansexuality"- or rather "resort" to using it for the lack of any other word and probably to avoid the restrictions and misunderstandings/ stereotyping I'd get if I chose to call myself a bisexual or a lesbian. It still roots and is affected by the culture of the society though. It is more of a belief though that a person falls inlove with the "soul" or whatever-you'd-call-it and not with his/her genitals. So far, I've noticed that I look more into women than men, but I'm not limiting myself though. Because I think that you would never really know what would happen in the future. Fate is a fickle player. So I'm just here to embrace whatever I'm given.

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I identify as Pansexual. I think of myself as a free spirit. If I like you, then I like you. It freaks people out, even some of the people society has deamed as 'freaks'. You would think being attracted to whomever would open up my options but it has actually kind of limited them.
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I'm really glad i seen this post, i had no idea there were so many labels. I myself dont really care for them but for the sake of not wanting to eplain i use them. So in a way they arent that bad, just annoying.


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I identify as pansexual as well. :) It's a very complicated label, but I think it's the one label that's fits me the most. I honestly don't care whatever you identify yourself with. If I'm attracted to you, then I am attracted to you. Simple as that/ What attracts me most is personality, not what you have between your legs. (Not saying that other orientations care only about the genitalia, just saying that I don't).

Even now we're still being discriminated, and I find it rather sad. :(


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View PostJane, on 26 February 2012 - 09:37 PM, said:

I for a while now, wasn't really sure what it is that I liked.....so recently I have come to terms with this word Pansexuality....I know IT in itself is a label, but what else could we (I) say about myself, I like...things....haha....I like to like things. People say, well if you can "like" a boy and a girl then doesn't that make you Bisexual....ughhh....yaa....but I don't like a man for being a man and I don't like a girl for being a girl rather I like them for their personalities, their non-human outer appearance. I have to say though that I would rather be in a relationship with a woman rather a man. I find that if I where to be with a man, it would almost be considered as a fetish. Something I would do, only to please myself....like some sort of treat. Its hard to explain. But I could fall in love with one...maybe. Without sex. Ya.....Im not too sure what I am....I think that if a third human Plant headed species came to earth.....I might one day find them attractive....it always depends....where will this confusing heart and mind take me, I shall never know.

I also have the same feelings. I would never say I'd never be with a man again, but I find women far more attractive. Like you also said about being with a man at an almost fetish-type level. I've found people all over the board attractive. I know I've said this about my sexuality: If I was to look at het porn, I'd find the woman for more attractive than the man. Maybe I'm a per-person-basis sexuality?

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