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Are Dogs the New Cats?

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I know the stereotype is of lesbians and cats. I have two myself. But it seems like in general, if I counted up all the lesbians I know, more have dogs than cats.

So what do you think- have dogs replaced cats as the lesbian pet of choice? Or do I just happen to know an inordinate amount of dog-lovers?


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well, i have two dogs and a possibly suicidal cat that acts like a dog. does that count? the other funny thing is that my pitweiler absolutely hates male dogs of any kind.


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I own 2 pugs and I swear to god they act like a mix between Cats and Humans... you could never look at either of them and say Dog without them cocking their head like they don't understand the word at all.


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I have a barking pony named Grady. . .or at least that's how my neighbors refer to him. He's actually just an obscenely large black lab. I -had- two cats, but they departed with my old roomie.

I always thought the lesbian stereotype implied that lesbians were just animal lovers in general, not necessary partial to cats. It's the old ladies who house all the cats. :)

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