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Breaking up is hard to do

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Yes, breaking up is absolutely hard to do. who wants to let go of the ones they love so much anyway? Oh well in other hand, it also depends on what is the real score between you and your partner. If the relationship involves an emotional stuff, then there i could say its really hard. I have this girl that i liked so much, she happens to be my roomate. We were both attracted to each other and moved together in another apartment where we could be more private. Now, a month later she met a guy who can show her so much, thats one thing i cant cause im not that well off. I was only thinking of making fun of her but why does it hurts so much now? I ended up being a looser and now im slowly moving on. anway how can i break up with her when shes not even my girlfriend? LOL.


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I think it's safe to say that you truly do not know how you will handle a breakup; all breakups are different. All loves are different. There is no rule-book on how to handle and get past it, there are only suggestions, and usually the suggestions are things you already inherently know. Sometimes you just cannot get past someone--regardless of what the reason is (ex: you are still in love with them, you two have an intense physical chemistry, you have a temporarily irreversible situation, etc.) What's okay, in my view, is to reach out to like-minds and try to find things in common so you can share that pain. None of it is easy--nobody wants to have their heart broken OR break someone else's heart. The obvious conclusion, however, is to find that understanding elsewhere, as I basically did say already (haha, look at me repeating myself). So many have had their hearts broken or have broken others' hearts and are able to listen. Don't feel alone (that is definitely easier said than done, right?).

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