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The Latin Lesbian Community

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I'm latin and also a lesbian. I'm proud of where I'm from and who I am.
Sadly, I see everyday how much us latin lesbians are looked down upon from our own community.

I don't care from which country of Latin America or the Caribbean you may be from, we all have pretty much the same values, taboos, phobias, morals, religious beliefs, and disfunctional issues when it comes to sex, sexuality, and color.

How many of us have heard that men are the bread winners and they can tell us what to do? We are only good to bear their children, cook their meals and be their whores in bed. Well, not even whores, because they get paid. :lol: How many of us, have heard that black latinos(as) are less than the rest?. How many of us have heard that the natives are less than the rest?.

Racism, is a big part of our everyday lives, not only from our own community, but from other races as well. Racism is everywhere, wether we are lesbians or straight. Wether we are white, black, latino(a), japanese, chinese, jews... and the list goes on.

The only thing that separate us from each other is the labels, our faces, our color, or sexual orientation.

But all and all we are all HUMAN BEINGS, and all of us as HUMAN BEINGS have racism within us.

My opinion....




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Yes Racism is big problem to a lot of people.I do agree we are all human beings and I am white and Native American and lesbain I am proud of who I am also.It would be nice if others could just except others for who they are it would be nice.my opioion I dont care what color a person is or race whatever we all have good and bad in us.Myself I love latin women mmmmm oh sorry I will be good.Yes I do have a flirt side and a humor side to me as well.I hope to get to know a lot more of you beautiful ladies here.
I am a very honest caring woman with a heart of gold.I can be soft like a teddy bear but wild like a tiger


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I agree with you totally. The culturalstigma against gay hispanics by our own people is incredible. I have a story I tell people to explain to non- hispanics how it is in our culture. It goes like this: a gay person and a thief knock on your door late at night and ask to spend the night for whatever reason. You will let the thief spend the not but not the gay person. Your reasoning? You can always lock up the silver! This is how I have always found it to be. Even in the churches. Any sin you've ever committed is ok. God will forgive you and you too can enter the kingdom of heaven. Except if you're gay. Then you are an aberration and will burn in hell for eternity. It's ok to murder, rape, steal, lie defraud, commit adultery but you can't love someone of your same sex. Go figure!


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Bueno, no soy latina, pero me gustan mucho mis hermanas latinas lesbianas. Pero he notado que sí a veces hay racismo en la comunidad latina también. Se me hace difícil entablar conversaciones porque a veces no me ven en buena luz por el color de mi piel. ¿Qué consejo dan?


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saludos a todas las chicas latinas desde orlando florida


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Homophobia and any other form of discrimination is all the same across cultures. I think we Latinas are more hurt by the rejection of Latino communities because we are "one of them" and "they" are suppose to love their own... Once we realize that labels form very artificial bonds among humans, we will seek deeper ways of connecting with and caring for one another. Realizing we are all human beings, and that the woman sitting next to me does not owe me less or more care and respect just because we are both Latinas will help us all demand and expect the same respect and appreciation from ALL other fellow humans. Just my opinion....

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