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Katherine Moenning of The L Word

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Yeah KM is amazing. I swear if I came across her I'd lose all control. The L word is a great show. Carmen was pretty hot too.
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Just browsing the forums and rather than make a new thread, I am just gonna revive this one. I love Shane in the L Word!!! She is sooooo hot! Definately my fav character. Katherine Moennig is an amazingly talented actress.

If anyone is interested, I found a site that has a whole bunch of L Word clips from Seasons 1-6. Send me a pm if you want the link.


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katherine moennig is the most beautiful woman ive ever seen, as simple as that. i would marry her in a second! ohhh, and if it was legal here in vegas. :] but i can keep dreaming.

and she needs to stop killing us and finally come out! my goodness. shes every lesbians wet dream lol. she is such a damn tease. :D


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I like Tina Kennard better. Alice is cute too.


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shane!<3 i cant wait for the l word movie. :)

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