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Is there a ring thing?

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Hello all,
couple of weeks ago, while taking the train, I was approached by a really beautiful woman....having talked about the weather and what schools we go too...train trivialities...I saw her looking at the ring that I was wearing on my right hand, on my middle finger...as she looked at it admiringly, she exclaimed, "Oh, so you have a girlfriend!"...unsure, why she said this, I replied "NO"...and she said,” But you are wearing the ring!"
Getting of the train, somewhat bewildered, :shock: I could not help but think if there is such a thing as a "ring thing" (besides the conventional, married or unmarried standard)...for example does me wearing a ring on my right hand, middle finger signify (in the eyes of other gay women) that I am in a relationship...whereas...for example... wearing it on my left hand, middle finger...signify that I am single??? I hope that some of you will have an answer to this question???? 8)

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Hmmm...what kind of ring was it, like the style, design, etc. Was it a rainbow ring or something that resembled a lesbian symbol? I've never heard a tradition of wearing a ring on the right hand signifying a lesbian relationship/marriage. But who knows, a new trend may have been started and I missed the memo :roll:
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it was just a simple...silver...three garnet stones ring
"it... used to be said there is no such thing as blindness, only blind people, when the experience of time has taught us nothing other than that there are no blind people, but only blindness..."
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Hello Ladies,

I have heard of this and have actually taken part in it. My ex wife and I had matching saphire and diamond bands and instead of wearing them on our left hand, we always wore them on our right hand. I've always heard that since straight people wore their rings on their left hand that it only made sense for gays to wear their's on the right hand. So go figure, maybe it is a tradition.
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I've always worn my commitment ring on my left ring finger .. never heard of the right hand thing .... i ordered a lesbian pride ring ... it's a simple sterling silver band with a pink inlay .. i think it's acrylic paint or something .. with the female symbols on each side ...and i wear that on my right hand "ring finger" ... so who knows exactly what they mean <> :lol:


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Yes, back in the 80s I heard of lesbians wearing their wedding rings on their right ring finger, i.e. the thrid finger. I don't think that lasted, though, because it just didn't seem to catch on in the women's community. It was if it was a result of us "pretending" we were married, as that's all we could do in those days. Left hand rings real, right hand rings pretend

However, now since the marriage equality movement has gained such great momentum, with several states allowing the queer community the sanctity of marriage, the tradition of wearing wedding rings on the left hand has gained more and more popularity as more and more our weddings gain legal status.

Wearing rings on the left side to signify that one is married should be a sign that one is in wedded bliss no matter if a couple is straight or gay.

Marriage is marriage, straight or gay, left side rings signifying same.


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I've been shocked to find out through experience how attached I am to my wedding ring and to my wife having hers (she feels the same way).

We both feel naked - and not in a good way :) - without it.

We wear them on our left ring fingers.

Neither of us is into jewelry and we don't tend to get attached to material possessions as a general rule. But these rings mean a LOT to us.


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depending on where this women is from depends on her reasoning for assuming the meaning of your ring, wearing a ring on each finger is symbolic and the symbols vary across different parts of the world. however in this day and age the only symbolic finger is the left ring finger, however the middle finger used to represent many things, including ones individuality and in some places was believed to bring balance into the bearers life. In Western countries it allegedly means the person is single. It could be a parent or relative or the person bought the ring themselves and it's for show so it goes on the middle finger or sometimes people wear 'pinkie rings' on their little finger. however some cultures such as European cultures can wear a wedding ring (generally on the right hand) on any finger. allegedly a black ring on the right middle finger is an unofficial symbol that one is asexual. hope this helps but once again it all depends on where she is from and how she was brought up


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i always thought a woman wore a ring on her right hand to show she's married to herself (single). the left hand was, what i thought, the commitment hand no matter the sexual identity. hmm. learn something new everyday.
well, since we're on rings, is the ring on the thumb still the lowkey way of saying you're family? i used to do it just because i thought it was cool. then i found out it was a gay thing. please advise me on this so i don't get caught lusting after someone who is just being cool & rebellious & NOT trying to wave a rainbow flag.

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