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Femme interested in Butch..

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i think the butch/femme dichotomy will undergo debate and scrutiny in the queer wolrd for centuries. i don't know if labels create or bind at points. i've found flirting with my own sexual/gender identity to be adventuorous and amusing. i've always tried to encompass androgyny because it is what i am most attracted to and i blieve androgyny can be beautiful in the feminine and/or masculine form.


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Wow Ladies! I'm so pleased after reading this. I'm really diggin' the butch-love. Many other posts across the WWW put butch's down. Saying we're unfortunate looking, style-less, we WANT or are trying to be men... I don't want to be a man! Do i like my jeans to fall a bit below the waist? Sure! Does Friday night usually involve a button-down? absolutely. Are most guys jealous of my hair? You betcha, but i love my vagina!, i can out shop any femme. I can be an animal in the bed room, but i definitely like to be taken care of sometimes too. I'm just trying to be me, So thank you ladies for appreciating the confidence and the swagger.


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I am very rarely attracted to a femme, i am mostly attracted to butch. I don't know what it is about butch in the bed room...but damn there is definitely a difference!


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I consider myself femme butch. I'm an aggressor that changes my style of clothes daily. It depends on how I feel if I wear my heels or vans. Sexy blouse or t-shirt. I'm still me no matter what I'm wearing.


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i have to agree with the last comment i sometimes grow my hair out. but even then i still get a thank you sir maybe its the way i walk. i don't have much switch in my getty-up. but im into the more long haired tomboy myself that way i know i can have some adventure and mot worry about messing her new duds up.. on the forest floor.


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I am not entirely clear on the spectrum--but I think I am closer to femme than butch. And what I tend to prefer is closer to butch than femme. :blushing:


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well Im into a butch lady..Yet I lot people look at my short hair and think im butch...well ladies im not butch by no means ..I lost my hair to chomo but that was i lost ...im doing good now but goes to show ya cannt judge a book by its cover ladies


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at the end of the day butches are still girls...guess that's why some girls are attracted to them


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I consider myself a soft butch but lean towards dressing like a tomboy then a dress (only wear those on special occasions) but other than that I wear masculine clothing.

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