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Westboro Baptist Church

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Some of their rants make me laugh because it sounds like it has to be a joke, but these morons are dangerous. They spread their hate and narrow opinions and you know there are other morons out there stupid enough to believe this BS.

Listen to some of the sermons. Fred Phelps, Sr. rants about how everything from hurricanes to wars are because of "fags and dykes". Like I said, almost amusing to listen to until you realise it's for real.

People like this frighten me. I'm just glad the majority of the world (?) doesn't subscribe to their beliefs.


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And my southern baptist parents wonder why I've turned my back on the church. These are probably the same kind of people who think that you should not have sex unless you're trying to get pregnant and that we still need to "go forth and populate the world" despite the overpopulation problems. And what's all this about how homosexuals are the "worst form of idolatrous sinners?" Homosexuals may be sinners, but how does idolatry relate to sexual preference?


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notice the new post that condemns hate mongerer jerry fallwell


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Honestly Arme, I have to agree with you. I consider myself to be a practicing, religious Christian (though if I came out to members of my church there is a good chance I would no longer be welcome) and I really don't think that homosexuality makes me a sinner. I could be wrong and I guess one day I'll find out for sure :wink: , but I feel that if you are going to follow the letter of the Bible, you shouldn't get to pick and choose which verses apply. If being gay makes me a sinner, then I guess so does the fact that I belong to a Christian ministry with a woman as the top leader (which contradicts the verse that women in the church should be silent). And I guess that means we Christians should be following the law from the Old Testament about what feasts to observe, how to kill animals, etc. Some religious leaders make me extremely angry when they proport that homosexuality is so wrong and such a horrible sin based on select verses in the Bible, when they don't consider other things mentioned alongside them in the Bible as relative to today.


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The reason that being gay is against the bible is because of one verse in Leviticus. However, according to Leviticus, it is also a sin to shave (19:27), eat shrimp (11:10), plant a vegetable garden or wear polyester (19:19), love bunnies (11:6), eat rare meat (17:10), or get tattoos (19:28).

Hey, if you use one, you gotta use them all, right?

*I have to give credit to Shivian Montar Balaris and his comic strip Oh My Gods! for this reply.

I'm going to say straight out, I'm not a Christian, but I was raised in the church, and I know the bible pretty well--I read it cover to cover when I was 16. I figure, if one verse counts, they all count, at least from that era of rules. All I know is, if the Christians are right, I'll see you all in hell, because I can't stand eating well-done meat, and I'm so inked and pierced it's not even funny.


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You said it Arme! I couldn't agree with you more!

Nov. 10 Edit: You might find this article interesting. While I'm not sure if I agree with 100% of it, it definitely echoes my feelings on this subject and has the scripture to back up its claims: http://www.soulforce...ble-walter-wink

An excerpt from the article: "5. A form of polygamy was the levirate marriage. When a married man in Israel died childless, his widow was to have intercourse with each of his brothers in turn until she bore him a male heir. Jesus mentions this custom without criticism (Mark 12:18-27 par.). I am not aware of any Christians who still obey this unambiguous commandment of Scripture. Why is this law ignored, and the one against homosexual behavior preserved?"


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I think they're pretty much all from the same family. Shows what inbreeding can do. :wink:


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The reason that being gay is against the bible is because of one verse in Leviticus. However, according to Leviticus, it is also a sin to shave (19:27), eat shrimp (11:10), plant a vegetable garden or wear polyester (19:19), love bunnies (11:6), eat rare meat (17:10), or get tattoos (19:28).

Well according to them since I already have a tattoo and love to eat seafood the rest of it doesn't really mater so much. Knowing that I'm gonna go out and have lots of damning gay sex! :mrgreen:


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I watched about 75 minutes of this program last night before deciding I had wasted about 75 minutes of my life that I'll never see again :cry:

Fred Phelps had 13 kids, 2 of which had left "the family" and were interviewed via phone. That leaves 11 that actually found mates to bring to procreate with therefore expanding the "church".

Even the children speak about got hating fags and killing sinners, etc.

Seriously though, I think there may be some serious repression going on in that family. My Gaydar was squeeling and beeping and causing general discomfort the entire time with a couple of Fred's children esp. with Shirley Phelps-Roper.

It's just so sad about the children in the phelps clan..


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Hello All-
I reluctantly call myself a Kansan at times, and Fred and his gang are the reason why. I first came in contact with Freddie in 1987, and have since came in contact with him and his people a dozen times most recently in the Meade (pop 2,000 maybe) kansas 40 miles south of where i live.
My step-daughter is a college student in Topeka, kansas and wants me to join in an anti-phelps demonstration in front of his churh maarch 30th. Some college kids are going to silently picket his church for once. Even tho i feel it's futile, I can't resist my daughter's emotional interest in fighting for me. i will go and stand along with her, even tho i know it won't make a damn bit of diff. on his end or his twisted family. If you want to see other examples of what we are going thru out here in Kansas, go to our KEC (kansas equality coalition) site on myspace. We have a real winning finney county attorney that put his foot in his mouth at a community college neaar me. He publicly stated that being a homosexual in the state of kansas is UNLAWFUL and is punishable by a fine and confinement. We are working on that one at this time.

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