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Show Off Your Art- Tattoos

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Well . . . I didn't mean to make it sound all THAT bad, although I must confess to some previous distaste involving air fresheners. But it's not at ALL about what they look like, more an annoying artificial smell. I'd usually prefer a bad smell to something that smells like it was manufactured at one of those labs in New Jersey. But if the lab did it well enough . . . who can say? :)

I remain amazed that that artwork was featured on an air freshener, but I DO think your tattooist improved it. I actually think the totally blue and black representation is much more elegant and tasteful and ultimately iconographic that that which you shared as the original.

I don't know what you mean by "my rainbow scented leigh." ?? I like the images you shared for your intended future tattoo, and yeah, you should DEFINITELY check it out first. I've often wondered if those kanji peeps might be having a good laugh on everyone else. "Szechuan Beef" or "Twice-Fried Shrimp" might be other possibilities you should investigate. Heh.

But whatever you do, if you find out your faerie scented cardboard previously whiffed off some Pine or Pina Colada, please do NOT let me know. (Well, this is Robin (one of the Lesbotronic women), but I'd say we all need to maintain at least a FEW illusions.) If you said it was one of those scents . . . it might hurt us. Maybe even mortally. Don't do that.


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If I remember correctly, it was a general floral scent, but to be honest, I just wanted the artwork, and not neccessarily the scent. Though if I get flashbacks of pine or Pina Colada, I'll make sure to keep that information to myself! Mortal Danger won't look good on my resume.

Oh, and I wonder what the symbol for "Rice Noodle" is. That would be an interesting story.


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Reading this made me realize I don't have any good pictures of my tattoos! LOL!
My first one is of a female/Venus symbol with another female symbol inside the circle part upsidedown, and a crescent moon inside the circle part, too. (The points are "sharp", meaning pointy, not clear.) It's centered beneath my bustline. The only picture I can think of that you can see it in is... This cosplay picture... *Blushes* *^_^*

Posted Image

My other tattoo is of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, on my hip. However, I am not happy with how it turned out, so when I find a new design I really want (that can cover it), it will go there.

I'd like to see more pictures of other people's tattoos! :D

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This is my back...:)
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3 of mine... I have one more on my ankle..



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Here's mine--I'm planning on more like this on my arms and legs, and a big piece on my front that I haven't quite decided on yet.

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I am very proud of my sexuality and got tired of ppl saying that I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted. So I decided to let the world know that I know exactly what I want. I have love enough in me for both worlds. Why should I choose one or the other when I don't feel more for either or the other.
It is the rainbow colors and I am very proud of it.
I also have a another on my lower back. My trampstamp so to speak. I do plan on getting another as soon as fiances allow.

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I got my first tattoo a few weeks after my dad passed away in July 2010.

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And I got this one last year around October.

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I love them both. I want to get a ladybird on my foot next. Or my nephew's name on my wrist below my thumb.
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I have just one tattoo but its pretty big. Its the wings on Mila Kunis's back from the film Black Swan. At first they had a different meaning, but now they are a reminder of my very first ever lesbian crush (where I first began to question my sexuality) on the girl who did it for me


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I want to get a few. In memory of my folks.
Probably, Bible on one shoulder Praying Hands on the other.

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