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Thanks Lesbotronic

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I have finally made a realtime friend from your listing. Her name is Catherine, she is 58, nicest person i have ever met. A non-judgemental hippie, who loves life and just people. And who thinks black wimmin are very beautiful. She is white and i am black. She is the first white friend in realtime i have ever had. Now i have someone i can lament about why don't black lesbians like me, i try so very hard to make friends with black queer wimmin............no luck........and next week i will be 52....irene


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Good for you, Irene! Now, I need to find me a good lesbian friend! LOL

Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win.

~ Bernadette Devlin



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Thats awesome Irene :wink: Just wish my luck was more like yours .. hahahaha We all need love dont we , LOL :lol:


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:D Irene...
:D What a wonderful thing to find new friends... white, black, purple, whatever, it's what's inside that really counts. Thank goodness my parents raised me "color blind" and I have always looked for that spark from within. I've found it every so often and when I do it's amazing! There's a black lesbian out there just waiting to find you... Hang in there!
Suanough :wink:

Sometimes it's better to apologize than to ask permission...
Grace Hooper, Adm. USN (Retired)

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