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Rachel Ray- I may be a little in love with her.

Generally, I'm not an avid watcher of the Food Network. However, an ex was a fan and I unwillingly became a fan of Alton Brown's "Good Eats" and Rachel Ray (any show that displays her lovely guise on my 32").

If you're not familiar with Ms. Ray, she hosts "30 Minute Meals", and another show that I don't see aired as frequently; something about how to eat while traveling for under 40.00 a day. Now, Rachel isn't a supermodel by any means, but she's perfect, and I totally have a crush. Here's why:

-Obviously, she can cook. And she makes healthy stuff -very- tasty. That's a skill, I tell ya.

-She's got an adorable, athletic body. She's not too thin, not really overweight, not too big on top, nicely voluptuous on the bottom.

-She has an adorable smile that forces one to smile back.

-Even though she's polite and nice on TV, you and I both know she has a fun wild side.

-She's a little tomboyish. I love that.

-She enjoys eating.

I had to confess my crush. Are there any real-life Rachel Ray's out there? If so, come talk to me. It's about time someone else cooked for -you-.

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I have to admit that if in some alternate universe I were to fall in love with a man, it would be Alton Brown. I know he looks a little scruffy but he has a kind of genuis charm that I find attractive.

However, Ms. Ray is so adorably tiny and cute. She talented, intelligent, capable, and enthusiastic. Even on Goodday America she was bubbly and amiable. She's one of few "celebrities" that I'm sure don't lose any of their charisma when the cameras are turned off.

Yay for Rachel Ray!

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