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No longer in love?

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Riddle me this, oh sage and wise ladies. . .

I'm still getting over the end of a three year relationship with my ex girlfriend. It was long distance; I'm in Delaware, she's in Northern Jersey. It's about a two hour drive. We had, in my mind, an amazing relationship. In that entire span of time, we never missed more than five weekends seeing eachother (we were only able to see eachother on the weekends).
She's 33, I'm 26. The last few months, things just felt different. I came to find (after refusing to let go of my 'woman's intuition') that she is attracted to another girl. She didn't "do" anything with her, but she was attracted to her. Mind you, her being attracted to me was never an issue during our relationship. Even in our worst of times, she swears up and down that I'm the best sex she's ever had and that no one will ever love her the way I do. Unfortunately, over the past month, I was left no choice but to end things because I believe that she's fallen out of love with me. I don't quite understand it, as I feel blindsided by the whole thing. To this very day, she can't flat out -say- that she's not in love with me anymore, instead, she states that we need to spend time apart in order for her to figure that out. In my mind, that means that she's not in love, and she feels too guilty to put it out there. She attributes our break up primarily to other issues, things she needs to work on, not the other girl. She describes that part of it as "very small" and the only reason it's an issue at all is because it bothers her that she could even be attracted to someone else while with me.
In any case, I have my pride and I respect her wishes. I'm no longer communicating with her and giving her time. We are officially broken up. She states that she has no intention of pursuing the other girl, as "she's nothing but trouble and has way too many issues". She also says, even as of a couple days ago, that she can't imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone but me, but is still letting me go.
She has other issues too, that are mostly unrelated and that she says she needs to work through before she can figure out how she feel about me. She keeps saying that she needs to figure out if she misses the relationship or me. Again, in my mind, I would think that she'd want the person she depends on most to be there for her. Instead, she's taken the opposite approach and completely shut me out.

I suppose I'm just looking for some opinions. And do you think it's possible that she may 'rediscover' the 'in love' feeling that she's apparently lost for me? Is that possible?


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Give her the benefit of the doubt, if she is being honest she'll be a better person for working on her issues and if you two are ment to be it will be, but if she is being dishonest and this is just an easy out, just know you will be ok, and your better off. as difficult as it is you will get through it, and it will pass and she wasn't the one you are ment to be with. hope it helps

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