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Like a broken record...

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Sometimes i wish that i had a great big sign above me stating my sexual preferance, that way i wouldn't have to come out every single day, over and over and over and over again.

I've tryed wearing T-shirts that make it quite clear, but that didn't stop some guy in a pub trying to chat me up and then telling me "You know why i don't like this place? Too many gays." hmmm...

So, do the rest of you have the same/similar problems, and do you have any suggestions?
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Yeah I know what you mean, thats why I cut all my hair off and keep it very short now instead of being hit on by guys they do a double take trying to figure out if I am a girl or a guy, if I can't throw them off my trail at least I can slow them down a bit. Its the nature of the beast, if they know your female, alot of the time it doesn't matter what you look like they figure they can just turn the lights off or turn her over or what ever. I just let it roll of my sholders anymore why waste emotions on such things?
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My suggestion is to just be yourself, and if it comes up in conversation and you are at a point where you want to tell them, do so.

Straight people don't go around "Hi, my name is Jane, and I'm straight," nor do they EVER bring it up in conversation (unless they think that some girl is hitting on them).

Specifically telling close family and friends who have known you for a long time I can understand. But new people you're meeting- unless it's a super hot chick who doesn't believe you like chicks- just be your charming self around. They may or may not be intelligent enough to figure it out on their own.

OR- try dropping not so subtle hints, like talking about going to the gay bar on the weekend. Even if you don't specify that it's a gay bar, just name it- "Oh, so I went to the Mix this weekend with my friends. Had a blast." (the local lesbo bar for me).

OR just mention going to some sort of pride event. "So I was down at this fundraiser for the Dyke March on Saturday...."

Oh- and if you're just wanting to tell some drunk guy at the bar who's hitting on you that really you're not interested in men: I generally tell the guy that he's being a total a**hole so there's no way I'd ever date him. If he's actually a nice guy, I let him down a bit more gently and tell him that he's a great guy, but I'm gay. The a**hole just finds out I think he's an a**, not that I'm gay.

I think you get my point. Good luck :D
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