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Older Lesbians

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:D Hi All... I was wondering how to get in touch with some of the "older" women in our group. Or women interested in "older" women.
I'm 64, look 44 and act 34... sometimes. I'm retired and have bunches of free time to play. Right now I'm playing at being a jewelry designer and would like to chat with any and all who might be interested.
Life's too short to stand by the sidelines and not get into the game...
Suanough :wink:

Sometimes it's better to apologize than to ask permission...
Grace Hooper, Adm. USN (Retired)


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Hey Sus,

How I agree with you. It seems by the lack of replies that ageism is alive and well. I am also 64-- and believe me, I love to be in the game,
and there is still plenty of salsa in this soup....
Don't know anything about jewelry, I am a runner...and try to keep my shoelaces tied

ruby b

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well i am just finding out about tis partr of lesbotronic, sohere goes, i am 51, and only know how tro wear jewelry buti do still want to play and have some fun and sex , i still have my spark brenham isnot even that far from me i live in whitney tx, would love to here from you , ruby ibrubyubu@yahoo.com :oops:

Ross Mock

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Hey, Sus....I'm 63 and I still like to play and am trying to find someone to play with. Any femmes out there? I live in Ft Worth, TX and am lookin'!


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I'm new to Lesbotronic..and still trying to figure out it's navigation but otherwise am enjoying the site so far. I am 65. I do not look 45 (my photo
is attached to my profile..but can't figure out how to post it on the board yet). I might act 35 sometimes..
if I lived anywhere that inspired me to do so (will soon:) It is nice to find other women of my generation on here
right off. I'm Lynn..nice to meet you!

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