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Oh lordy does Indy need help !

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WHERE ARE ALL THE GIRLS AT! For a city the size of Indianapolis you would think they would have the decency to open another Lesbian bar then the "10". It was fine in its time, but its only a shadow of its former self. Im so sick of going into the gay establishments and seeing the only women there are a clique pack, or worse no women. Nothing against my brother rainbowens, they've done fine for themselves, but geesh! Women of Indy unite take back the night! Okay I'm getting off my soap box now, but I swear if I ever get a wind fall of cash I will open a Lesbian bar, or some other hangout for the ladies in Indianapolis Indiana. Till then I think we should troop certain establishments on certain days of the week to let it be know that we are out here and there are many. Like perhaps Wednesdays woman nights, and Fridays are for females at......Okay now I really am getting off my soap box. :oops:

Aint Myst_b_haven like I wanna be.[/b]

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