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Ok girls, your feed-back on this? MtF post-op for 6years, tall and lean thus quite androgynous. Due to circumstances beyond my control I could not have full re-assignment (i.e a vagina) and subsequently settled for a eager li'l button that gives me great orgasms, cute little tits and a sense of resolution after 45 years of being in a self-created bubble.I have always seen myself as lesbian, several of my female lovers before I made my transition said I made love like a woman (with a built-in strap-on??) thru' the years I've shagged a few men and felt disappointed in myself after. I guess I was wanting someone to make me feel smaller and protected... what a joke... Just wish I could find a maverick 6' 5" tall woman who could drive well.I often describe myself as 3rd Gender as I can't deny my origins and feel I have retained what I need from those years but am now firmly living my desired state. My lifestyle means I spend my working life in jeans and vests ( weather in this cold and septic isle permitting). You can't hang lights, drive trucks and wrangle double basses in a twin-set and pearls can you? I am respected and treated as a woman by all the artists I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 15 years (yes even before transition) If there is ever any confusion I can quickly clear it with a few choice non-confrontational words. My beautiful and loving (step) kids have no problems and neither do my many caring friends. I guess a lot of labelling is due to the uniforms (drag?) we adopt and that may result in some dissatisfaction with the way we are acknowledged. I can switch from work mode to chic, or classic Gamine (extended) just by opening my wardrobe. Maybe Chameleon suits me better but not pretender...
The love we hold back is a thousand times stronger than the pain we fear

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