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just a couple of thoughts. if you are working in the maritime industry and a coast guard member asks for the the captain, the appropriate response is not 'i sold him for drug money'. piss test will usually follow soon after. the other bit is never ask a game warden when tourist season officially starts, what the bag limit is daily and seasonally, what methods are permitted and are ther any protected species. this too leads to unecessary questioning and inspections. boredom does have its price when you try to make things interesting for those around you.


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You are far too funny. My brother in law once put a quarter into the grill of a police car that had stopped him, and when asked why he told the officer that he was waiting for the gum to come out of the machine. Talk about sobriety tests!!!!


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anyone who holds a cdl and has had to deal with dot knows how humorless they are, kinda think of a gestapo agent with a very bad night with their significant other. the coast guard is worse when it comes to boat/ship inspections.

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