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Hey everyone... I'm new...

I'm trying to negotiate a relationship with an ex... She's involved with someone.. very involved.. married actually, we can do that here in Canada...
I want to sleep with her again. It's been so long since I've been with anyone.. I think she might do it.. How wrong is that??

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I'd say don't do it. Because it could open up a can of worms that you may not want. Who is to say that emotions won't get involved behind you two sleeping together? Besides, she is married and you should put your foot down and check her as a friend.

As far as wanting sex.. ..go find it, with someone else :)
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consider the karma, she is married, it will effect you down the line, all for instant gratification. Its easy and comfortable but believe me, not worth it in the long run.
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Your ex girlfriend got married for a reason and you should respect that, no matter how bad you want to be sexual with her again she has dedicated herself to someone whom she obviously loves or else she would not be married. She's moved on now it's time for you to do the same...
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