We received several requests over the last year or so to add this sort of forum, but were previously dragging our feet most severely. Why? Mostly because all of us here running this site would describe ourselves as spiritually/religiously agnostic (just plain don't know/don't care/no one could possibly know/we don't care to think on it any further/maybe we'll find out when we're dead) OR atheist (there is no God/Goddess/Deity/ies, after we die we're just meat).

Don't get us wrong here, we're very "to each their own" on these issues and generally (as long as the thing in question isn't homophobic) NOT out to bash anyone's thoughts on anything whatsoever along these lines. If you have a faith and it's working for you, we don't deny that it is and have no problem whatsoever with whatever you believe. We celebrate differences and diversity, in this respect and others. Spiritual stuff has just not so far been our bag(s) personally, nor do we profess any advanced knowledge in this area. SO . . . given our personal beliefs (or lack thereof), we dragged those aforementioned feet due to worry that we might not be able to moderate a forum such as this one might become.

However, after further contemplation, we decided it was probably possible, IF we set down some ground rules for posters. These are not necessarily ground rules for posting elsewhere in the forum, but they are HERE. We are totally and completely NOT interested in THIS area of the site becoming a place to bash folks that are religious and/or spiritual in any way, and that sort of behavior won't be tolerated. This area of the forum needs to remain "Spirituality Positive," and as such is only a place for folks that want to discuss:

1) How they are currently practicing a particular faith/spiritual path/whatever-you'd-like-to-call-it, and how that works for them as a queer person.

2) How they are currently practicing a particular faith/spiritual path/whatever-you'd-like-to-call-it, but are having serious questions about that they'd like to discuss with others that are ALSO practicing that . . . or even with others of a different faith (but RESPECT is the watchword here)

3) Folks that are looking for a spiritual path, and would like to discuss their questions with others.

4) Folks that have had various experiences with various "paths," and would like to discuss that with others.

5) Folks that would like to talk about how different spiritual paths embrace queer identity.

6) Something else we didn't already think to mention above, but nothing involving bashing and keeping the previous "respect is the watchword" phrase firmly in mind.

So in other words, you grew up Catholic and would like to talk about how you just can't believe the Pope is still so friggin' homophobic? Well, we are totally with you there, but this ain't the forum for that sort of diatribe.

(However, you are welcome to put any recent thoughts on any sort of anti-progressive political machination (church-specific AND/OR otherwise) in the "Queer Politics" forum. You're certainly NOT being scolded overall on any anti-church thoughts as that relates to homophobic politics that might interest queers, but this particular forum is not the place for that.)

Also, while we would certainly hope this would go without saying to anyone that would post here, JUST IN CASE, this part of the forum or any part of this site will never tolerate any posts that are blatantly homophobic. Lesbotronic is nothing but queer-positive. Lesbianism is a very natural and extremely positive part of the overall human experience. If you think "Jesus might be trying to save you . . . " and/or ". . . might need to save others in this forum" from being queer, lesbotronic is not the forum for you. Go far away from here. Starting now. We haven't the time or patience for that sort of bigoted nonsense, and your posts will be deleted without notice.

We also think it would be most helpful that when your question is about a particular faith/path NOT ALREADY IN THE FORUM, if you titled your post the name of whatever that is (Wiccans, Buddhists, Pagans, Unitarians, etc.). Then, others posting AFTER that should look to see if that faith/path/whatever is already already being discussed before starting a new thread. In other words, if that faith/spirituality area is already being discussed, don't start a new thread, reply to the current one, OK? It just keeps things tidy and helps other folks find what they need.

But . . . other that ALL THAT (heh), have at it, and have the best time possible! :)

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WOW. I felt deeply saddened after reading this post. I didn't realize that so much of the queer community felt this way about God/Religion. I'm learning a lot on this site. I totally get why anyone would be atheist or agnostic considering the hypocrisy of most organized religions. 

I'd very much like to converse with women who want to work on their spiritual growth or who are not sure how to reconcile old and new religious beliefs. Also I would just like to say that there are all inclusive, non judgemental religions out there if you're interested. Being queer does not disqualify anyone from the world of religion. And you don't have to go to some church or be a part of any sect. Spirituality is about YOUR special bond with spirit. 

Lets talk about it.

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Hi Sicca, 

I agree with your last sentence.  Personally I wouldn't want to live a life without some sense that there isn't something higher than myself...that would make me feel cold and lonely inside.  it's a pleasure to read that someone in the LGBT community is connected to their higher self.  So many throw out the baby with the bath water when it comes to religion, faith, spirituality and their orientation yet understandably so.     

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Hi Dell,

I've learned through this site that I have been living in sort of a blissful cocoon. There are so many issues that the LGBT community is dealing with that I was oblivious to, particularly this issue of religion. I too can't imagine a life without the sense of God/Spirit at the helm of it ... but then again, I believe that God is in all of us whether we acknowledge it or not. Ironically, it is my connection to my faith that has kept me away from all of these hardships that so many of us face. I remember joining a gay bible study group. I thought we would discuss scripture and focus on how to apply the principals to our everyday lives. Not so ... it turned out to be a quasi support group for people who had no or little to no faith at all. I don't understand why anyone would allow another person to make the most important decision in their lives. To me there's nothing more important than one's faith. If someone chooses not to believe, it should be because they've tried and failed .. not because someone told them that God did not love them.

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It's OK to live in that blissful cocoon if it brings joy into your life. it sounds like you've had very good influences in your life unfortunately everyone one knows what it feels like to relate to something higher because they mainly had bad influences or never had anyone to care enough to make them aware. 

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