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I cant stop thinking about my crush. My gut tells me she has feelings of some sort for me but it would be impossible and life altering on both parts for us to have any other connection except friendship. It could be all in my head but I believe I flirt and I think she flirts with me also....What to do....We have been for coffee twice...she aksed first and then I asked her....where to go from here??



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Well...we did meet up again....it was very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D


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Is she straight? Straight women interact with other women in a way that can seem like flirting. My rule is if she is gay its probably flirting, if she is straight or leans that way, she is going to have to spell it out for me. It can be a lot of fun trying to figure it out if matters of the heart aren't involved, good luck.
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Yea she is straight. Ya know you are probably right. I think Im reading way too much into it. Its hard though because I find myself thinking about her constantly.....going out of my way to run in to her and I get upset when I haven;t seen her for a long time.

I find it hard to look her straight in the eyes. I feel she can see into me and read what Im feeling for her.....

I know realistically that something may never happen ......how then do I move on from this...

Im jealous when she talks of meeting up with other people....God Im really sounding like a child now...see what I mean :oops:

Who knows what will happen.....


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I say, let nature take it's course. I know it's tough, but continue to be her "friend" (coffee meetings, etc). When you know her a little better make a subtle advance and see how she reacts.


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Hey Kate, if you really have feelings for this woman and she's straight maybe you should be up front with her about how you feel even though you know she's not swinging your way.

I once had a crush on a co-worker who was I wasn't sure was completely straight or straddling the fence. She had done things that made me question her, and we had taken each other out to lunch and a few dinners. All in all, after her numerous comments about my body, and very questioning gestures I gave up the hope because she was obviously straight and it was never going to work. Have you ever heard the statement "Straight women fuck you then fuck you over..."
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