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Butch/femme dynamic

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I'm what you call 'old school' when it comes to the butch/femme energy. I love the chivalry, giving respect to femmes, the manners, and anything in between. I figure, with this, it wouldn't be so hard to find someone, but it is. I'm not asking for someone with the same exact expectations, but it would be nice to have someone who enjoys that, also. It's not about the labels, it's the energy... the dynamics.

I respect femme energy, their needs and wants, and love spoiling. I'm more of a giver than taker. My motivation is to please her. But what's important to me is the butch/femme energy exchange, because that's what drives a true butch/femme relationship and keeps it going at a nice pace. Of course, i only want her to be happy and comfortable in who she is, nothing more, nothing less.

The butch/femme dance is a wonderful place to be.
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As a card-carrying femme, I have to agree, LOL..."The dance" is by far the most comfortable, exciting, connecting and intense experience I have ever had with another woman. I have been with the same sexy butchy dyke for 7 yrs and it has never gone cold...I find her more intoxicating now, than I ever have, and it is that exchange of energy you mentioned that has always kept me coming back for more LOL:)


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Since I lately understood thay that I am a lesbian I had experiences with both butch and femme girlfriends.I had a better relationship with the butch girlfriend,true.And then it turned bad because maybe I wasnt as femme as my butch girlfriend thought I was.So I believe its not the way you look,or dress,or talk,but there needs to be two different characters for a better couple.


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I think I'm more attracted to the dynamic than to women who would traditionally identify as butch. I like the masculine energy, and sporty girls. But not really butch looking women, if that makes sense.


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I think I'm still confused as to 'what' I am really, as far as butch/femme goes. Lots of soul searching going on for me these days.

But I know emotionally, I prefer someone I can rely on. So I can relate to that aspect. I'm not all about skirts and being a housewife- but I do like doors opened up for me sometimes. And I really need someone in my life who can be strong for me, when I simply have just lost it. Lol.

I do crave a sort of energy. I'm not sure what that is, exactly, but I think you've all summed it up fairly well. It's that 'dance' thing you've been talking about. I'd rather be lead around the dance floor than try to stumble it out for the both of us.

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