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Erotica Zine - Call for Submissions

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Erotica Zine

call for submissions due end october-ish 2006

Put down your pink bits and pick up your pink sparkle pens!

I want literary, hot erotica godammit. I refuse to read yet another paragraph that starts with “Her full, large breasts and tanned, slim body were nothing compared to that neatly trimmed slice of heaven that quivered in…” I want y’all to entertain me. And in return, I do solemnly swear that I will publish a brillo zine that is engorged and throbbing with stories about believable womyn (and the occasional man if he ain’t too much of a Man) doing very sexy, fun, naughty, kinky, unusual, creative things. Slip it under your pillow, give it to a friend, read it out at a slumber party.

Act it out at a slumber party!

So send a bit of blood to the right organs and let your imagination wrap itself tightly around Martha Stew’s soft, round buttocks. But why have just one Martha, when you could have four? Go on, give her a penis, why not. Or how about an unusually contoured chair that plugs into the wall? Dress her up in taffeta with lace trim? A finely tailored suit? Then maybe tie her down with some gold braid (to match the drapes.)

If something is stirring at the thought of this…

An idea of the sort of stuff I’m after:
- Womyn and genderqueer writers, illustrators, photographers (but mostly writers)
- If body descriptions are important to the plot/ themes or whatever then acceptable/encouraged: All sizes. All abilities. All cultural backgrounds. Anywhere along the gender line. Hairy.
- Queer is good. All sorts of sexual preferences.
- All stories are going to have a brief description of what’s in it at the start so people can skip stories they know they don’t want to read.

What I’m not into:
- Emotionally ambiguous themes such as lack of clear consent, paedophilia, incest etc.

- I’m happy to plug people’s websites etc. and give you a big rap about what you’re up to. Or it can be totally anonymous.
- I was thinking about having a rad links section, so send in any sites that you get excited about.
- Free copy of the finished product if your stuff is in it but I won’t be making money off of this thing. I could maybe give you my 2c piece collection.

Now send me your lovin…

send submissions to erozine@ippimail.com

PS I want to add that the first thought of this zine came to me (in a vision) while I was masturbating. I like that it was ‘conceived’ in this way.

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