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why does her cat keep waking me up at night!?

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My Beloved's cat specifically comes to me when I stay over and hits me in the head with her paw to wake me up! Why??

El gato de mi novia me despierta cada noche -por que??!!
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cats do what they want to do. they never need a reason beyond that. centuries ago, cats were worshipped as gods, to this day, they have never forgotten this.


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The cat could be trying to tell you that your "beloved" has been a little lax in her cat ,duties.Maybe that crusty dried out generic brand cat food left in her bowl for three days just isn't appealing.Or she's sickened by having to drink out of the toilet.Maybe her kitty litter box resembles a landfill.Or perhaps she just plain hates you. :lol:


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The cat might just want some attention and since you wake up every time she smacks you on the head she keeps doing it. If you pretend to not notice or pretend to stay asleep maybe over time she will stop. However cats are stubborn and consistent so good luck with that :) lol


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Can't you shut the cat out of the room at night?
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