TV Series, "Dante's Cove," Opinions, Anyone?

Hi there, just heard about this thing. Saw on a recent cover of Curve magazine (glossy US-based rag for lesbians), just leafed through briefly at the checkout at Whole Foods but didn't buy. Anyway, the article characterized it as a a supernatural series featuring some queer characters that's like a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I loved), the L Word (loved parts, others . . . not so much), and the OC (never saw). Curiously, never heard of Dante's Cove before I saw it on the cover of this mag, and it's in at least its' second season! (Once upon a time I thought I kept up with big new things on the queer media front, but I guess not so very consistently anymore.) Anyone here seen it? Opinions and/or descriptions to share?

It would seem I don't get the channel it's on currently (HereTV? ???), even though I get satellite, so it must be some specialty thing. However, the first season is out on DVD and I could rent that, so I was wondering if I should check it out. Yay? Nay?

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