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Anyone from Brisbane QLD

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just seeing if there is anyone out there from brisbane tonight..

yeah.. interesting lol....

well im 18 F AUS and i am sop so so bored... so i thought id write about myseld as uninteresting as it may seem lol

Umm... well i love my music... music is my life... well it doesn´t control my life but i still love it.. i play soccer... well played soccer... iv had 2 knee reconstructions and now i cant play! dont know what to do with my life now!! I work at a dentist.. im a dental assistant.. and although i live in the city.. i want to move to the country once iv saved up enough money...
I have a dog who i love and a twin sister..

I love my movies.. yes im a sucker for movies..

i love the water, the sand.. i love walks alon to beach

I like going for random drives.. admiring and observing life..

And i play drums..

that just about sums up my life..

i like everyone for they are.. everyone is unique and i dont judge people! i dont like fake people.. i like people being themselves without having to impress everyone!!!

solo one

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Cool intro and definitely not uninteresting girl, your on the right track in my book. lesliejean 64 F aus (redcliffe)

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