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New from Indianapolis, IN

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Blazing Horizons

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Just thought I'd pop in and say hello. I have just joined the site, I also have some pics posted in the photo forum.

I have just relocated to Indy after having moved around quite a bit due to my gf's job. I am in an poly relationship of 5.5 years. Since we have moved around so much, I haven't yet had the opportunity to find the community around here and start to collect some friends. I am looking to meet as many like-minded women as possible. I'm always looking for mutual sexual attraction and yummy stuff like that, but also looking for people to hang out with. I love to dance, play pool, karaoke, drink coffee, shop...the list is long.

There just HAS to be a place with the potential to be The Planet around here, right? We just haven't found it yet! Or maybe I just haven't found it yet. In either case, fill me in sisters!

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