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Metamorphosis - My Story

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Hi, all. My given name is Ronald Heyward Bailey, Jr., and I'm a 37-year-old male to female pre-operative transsexual! (Man, that felt good!!!) For many years I was deeply closeted and wrestled with self-identity. Only in the last four months have I been able to embrace the true person I am, and have come to love her. Here's my story:

I was born April 17, 1969, 6 weeks premature, and weighed 5 pounds 2 ounces at birth. Back then, there were no neo-natal units, and the first two weeks of my life were touch and go. I was jaundiced, and had to undergo a drying out period. Once my liver could function normally (after 2 weeks), I was allowed to go home. At this point, I had lost 10 ounces and weighed only 4 pounds 8 ounces. I was so small that daddy could cradle me in ONE hand, and I slept in a dresser drawer in their bedroom, because I kept sliding through the slats on the crib. Growing up the second child in a family of four wasn't easy (I have 2 sisters - one older, and a younger brother). I knew I was different at an early age, and kept thinking things would change and my "outie" would eventually turn into an "innie" and I would at last look "normal". I didn't have many guy friends growing up, and felt boys were "icky". My parents were upper lower class and worked swing shifts in the textile mill, so we practically raised ourselves, being shuffled over to this aunt or uncle to be babysat when the parents were working. My uncle (THANKFULLY DECEASED, the drunken bastard) began sexually molesting me when I was 5 or 6, and continued until I was 13 (ouch... :cry: :cry: :cry:) When he was tanked up, my older sister and I were his "toys of choice" - until my sister stabbed him with a butcher knife, that is... (he didn't bother her much after that, :lol: :lol: :lol:) I was a scrawny kid, and was pretty much a loner. Then, puberty set in, and I met Joanna, my "savior". We dated from the 5th grade right on up through college, shared the first kiss, and ended up married after dating for 13 years. But all was not right with the world, however. My cross-dressing tendencies re-surfaced again, and I began "secretly" dressing up again. Unknowingly, Joanna decided October 29th, 1998 to "dress" me as her for Halloween, and the monster was unleashed. I felt, in error, that this was my "golden ticket" to come out, and told her of my desire. After 6 months of uneasiness on her part, and constant back-stabbing by her father (who was living with us at the time) I suffered a nervous breakdown and we ended up divorcing in 1999. 3 (fortunately failed) suicide attempts later, and 2 1/2 years of intense therapy later, and I was "ready" to fact the world again, with my "sick, perverted fetishes" behind me, or so I thought. I completed my college degree (dual-major) with a 3.85 GPA, and moved out of state to Maryland. I met wife#2, Angela, and mentioned that I liked to dress as a woman in the past, but was "cured" - or so I thought. She mentioned she was bi-sexual, and if I wanted to dress, it was OK. I hadn't yet delved into the fact that I was transgendered, but I asked her if that meant I could actually "be" a girl around the house. She started me watching the Jerry Springer show, and pointed out transsexuals to me. Suddenly, everything began to make sense. I told her one day that that could have been me on the stage, and she said "do it, then". We were married about a week later. Unfortunately, she had a secret lover on the side, as well as a cocaine problem... She od'ed on crack and ended up in the psych ward for 3 days. I thought my life, again was over (suicide attempt #4 here). While in the hospital (me, not her) she booked us on her favorite show, which aired May 1, 2006. I told my story, she showed her a$$, and the whole nation knew my secret - work, family, everyone. It took me an additional 6 months to get up the courage to tell my manager and HR, but on October 31,2006, I dressed for the first time at work as a woman, and continued to do so for the rest of the week (we had a Halloween celebration, so I was "safe" from ridicule, as everyone was in "costume") HR saw how happy I was and asked me if I wanted to transition. After talking with their legal counsel, they developed a "diversity plan" and I was allowed to transition at work. I've been living full time as a woman for about 4 months now, and hope to begin hormones and the whole nine yards as soon as the doctor at Johns Hopkins calls me with my initial appointment. Wish me luck!!! - Veronica "Roni" Haylee McKenzie


My initial appointment is with Dr. Chris Kraft 09-Feb-07 @ 1:30 PM EST. Wish me luck, as my journey is about to begin...


Met with the staff at Johns Hopkins 09-Feb-07. Survived "Blizzard of '07". Got scanner to work (Finally) and posted my pix. Enjoy. The journey has just begun...

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