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I need Advice, Please

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I have been trying to start a relationship or friendship with a girl that I met on myspace. She is awesome. We really seem like we have alot in common and from the messages we have exchanged on myspace she seems like a woman who I definatley want in my life as a friend possibly leading to more. But we have agreed twice to be online and IM one another but she has never showed up. She says she realyy wants to get to know me and all this other stuff yet she does not show up at the time we agree to.
Funny thing is she lives with her best friend(who is straight) and her best friends hubby. She says that she is helping them raise their 4 kids. But I think she has the hots for her best friend from what I read in her blogs and such.

I like her becasue she says she is real and straightfroward with people and does not blow smoke at people or play games. But I do not know what to do here. Should I just forget about it and move on or try to persue it? I am torn here . I ask for you advice and thanks for advice you do give.

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