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Am I in the wrong 4 sharing friends?

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I had a friend on MySpace I met online recently. She was a people magnet and had friends everywhere both on n off the net and over 7000 comments n soaring. She seemed really real n cool @ 1st. I know she had serious problems in her homelife. She is 19 n in college. She is pissed cuz she feels I stole her friends and removed me from her MySpace and it looks like her friends who connected with me as well. We are all adults I feel and her friends will always be her friends if they r true. I feel she encouraged me to reach out to any of em. Noone owns any1 and I feel 4 her because I feel it is childish n insecure to get so mad over this. If we r friends why can't we share. I tried to help her with her problems n if this is how she truly is it shows me she bit the hand that feeds and is not a real friend and deceived me. She wanted to be in my top8 right away. Usually I get to know people somewhat n they earn their way in. *Such Insecurity* Even though she turned on me I know we all have issues in life and feel sorry 4 her. She needs to grow up and be a woman. I told her this and most of what is posted here than blocked her lol.

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