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SGI Buddhist lesbians

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Are there any SGI Buddhist lesbians out there?


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I am currentlt learning about SGI....


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I"m a member of SGI! been for about 3 years; so happy to know there is a fellow buddhist in here. I belong to the Crystal Springs area-Millbrae/Burlingame in CA.
how about you?


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Hi, I am not a member of SGi but I have studied the various forms of Buddhism and started practicing Zen meditations many years ago when I was in college. Since then I have had many mystical experiences including one wherein I 'BECAME' the BUDDHA sitting at the BOHDI TREE surrounded by all these Hinduish looking people.
I have also had the realization of the non-birth and non-extinction of all phenomena ( in Japanese musho-bonin)

Also, perception of the truth of the birth-lessness of all phenomena. The stage at which one realizes the truth that nothing is born and nothing dies. At this stage, one attains peace and contentment by perceiving the non-birth and non-extinction of the phenomenal world. While that is true, one still experiences life as a process of constant change with emotions flowing through you but but not being you.
I hope you all are able to find your own path to enlightenment.

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